MyFANUC Help - Global Search

Global Search

The Global Search (top right on page) allows you to write text or terms in the search field and then refine your search further with filters. The pointers below will help you make your searches as efficient as possible:


How does the Global Search work?

The words or terms you enter are searched for within the documents themselves, not just the titles, so your initial search will be very broad. Use the filter function to further refine your search and find the specific documents you’re looking for.


Using the Global Search

Enter your word or term in the search field at the top right-hand corner of the page. The system will make suggestions based on likely matches. Press return, or click on the magnifying glass, and the number of results will appear. Click on this number to display the results.


Refining your search

Use the ‘selected filters’ drop-down menu to refine your search. Here you can choose the document type, document format, language or product, or select a time period in which you wish to search. You can select multiple fields, e.g. language as well as document types and formats. Your filters will be shown at the top of the yellow box and these can be added to or deleted as needed.The more filters you apply the better your search results will be. The results will appear on the left side of the page and when you select a document it will automatically open in an Integrated PDF Viewer, which also has further search functionalities.