MyFANUC Help - Browse by Keyword Categories

Exploring by Keyword Categories

In addition to the Global Search, you can as well explore the technical documents by Keyword Categories. Additional filter options such as document type or language can be applied simultaneously to narrow down the amount of listed documents. The information below will help you make your searches as efficient as possible.

How does it work?

While clicking on the keyword category of interest, the application lists all technical documents that are related to the category clicked or to one of its sub-categories. Clicking for example on CNC will list all documents that are related to CNC respectively Factory Automation products. Clicking on Robots lists all documents related to FANUC Robots and so on. The deeper you navigate into the hierarchy the more precise the list of displayed documents  will get.


Click on the book icon on the top left of the page. In the yellow box on the right (tab ‘CATEGORY’), navigate through the hierachy of categories to the one of your interest. You can apply at the same time filter options as needed under ‘FILTER RESULTS’. While doing so, the list of documents is refreshed accordingly based on your settings.

Refining your search

You’ve probably got a long list of results, to refine your search further select ‘FILTER RESULTS’. Here you can choose filter options such as document type, document format, language or select a time period in which you wish to search. You can select multiple fields, e.g. languages as well as document types and formats. Active filters will be shown at the top of the yellow box and you can add or delete these filters as needed. The more filters you apply the better your search results will be. Results appear on the left side of the page and once you’ve selected a document it will open in an Integrated PDF Viewer, which also has further search functionalities.