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Migration Help - quaeroCNC/PremiumNet Users

Click on the Start Migration button within the email that was sent to you, to start the migration process.

Please note that the new MyFANUC account and the old quaeroCNC/PremiumNet account have only the user id in common. Your old password will be still working with your user id for the old systems. Due to a more strict password policy we assigned a random password which was sent to you for usage in MyFANUC. We higly recommend to change the password at first-login. Instructions on how to change the password can be found farther down.

Email Start Migration 


On the MyFANUC Sign In page, choose FANUC Europe Customers.

MyFANUC Login as Customer 


Enter your user id (email), the password provided and click on Sign in.

MyFANUC Customer Login Credentials 


Please Read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions carefully and tick the appropriate checkboxes upfront. The appropriate contents show up in a new browser tab when clicking on Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy as shown in the picture below.

When done, click on I Accept.

Approve Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions 


The services that you have access to, can be accessed while clicking on the appropriate icons on the left. The description gets visible when clicking on the burger menu icon as shown below.

MyFANUC - Show Burger Menu with Icon Descriptions 


Change Password

To change your password, you find at the bottom of the Sign in page a link Change Password.

Change Password Link 


On the next screen, fill out the form

  1. your user id (see invitation email)
  2. your current password (see invitation email)
  3. your new password
  4. confirm your new password
  5. submit your changes while clicking on Submit
Change Password Dialog 


You receive a notification if the change was successfull or not. You can now use the new password to login to MyFANUC.

Change Password - Success 


If you need support, don't hesitate to contact us through